The Consortium is Big Picture Learning’s work to develop a scalable, regional school innovation zone that combines the design and transformation of schools with a learning network of teachers and leaders within schools, districts, and partner organizations. Our objective is to transform public education to better meet the learning needs of all students, particularly those least effectively served by existing programs. We want to shift the structures and practices of schools, districts, universities, and community partners to immerse every student in highly personalized, relevant, and engaging learning connected to a compelling post-secondary pathway for which they are well prepared. 

We focus on (1) innovations that facilitate student engagement through interest-driven learning in real-world contexts; and (2) developing the innovating capacity of school and system leaders. 

Our work has three inter-related components: transforming schools, developing new leadership pathways, and innovating professional development. 

Transforming Schools

The Consortium works in district and charter contexts to design new public schools and transform existing ones.

New Leadership Pathways

Most educational leadership programs we know of are preparing leaders for the schools and systems we have, not the ones our students need. 

Professional development

A well-intended but misguided culture of compliance and accountability pervades professional development for teachers and school and district leaders.